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My name is Roz Fruchtman.  I am a NYC Digital Artist.

Quite simply… I care about people.  I have compassion for them and never consider myself unique, therefore, I can empathize with whatever situation they may be going through. 

It is my goal to make a difference in this world using my art, compassion and general caring for others through my Judaic eCards website, Say It With eCards. 


First and foremost… Provide a homey and friendly environment with personal and superb customer service.

Many times people are uncertain of which card to send for which occasion.  Because of this, they do not send any.

I offer a friendly environment where “I am available to help when eCard sending decisions or issues arise.”

At Say It With eCards, members and visitors deal with “only one” person so there is never a need to explain over and over and create more frustration or confusion with receiving conflicting information.

Say It With eCards also offers phone tech support — in the United States — on those very rare occasions when it is easier to take five minutes to explain via phone as opposed to spending extended time with back and forth emails.  While this is not a service that is used often, it has come in handy when time is limited.

I offer a Judaic eCard Club/Community where members and visitors can and are encouraged to make suggestions, comments and requests for Judaic eCards and categories provided (I will always do my best to comply!).

Some of the site’s and my greatest achievements have been influenced by member/visitor suggestions, comments and feedback… and in the rare instance a compliant — I learned/learn from them all.

Say It With eCards‘ member/user interaction is very important to me. I am interested in making a difference and contribution to the Online Jewish Community and those having a need for Judaic Themed eCards.

I fill a void in the card sending needs of the Jewish Community — online and off.

My mission is to design under the assumption  “Jewish People Are People Too!”  

Jewish people celebrate and acknowledge most of the same holidays, events and occasions as do the Non-Jewish Community. Thus I provide Judaic eCards for those events as well. An extensive list is further down in this entry. As well, I provide an extended collection/selection of Judaic eCards for even the traditional Jewish Holidays and Events.

I provide a card club where the non-Jewish can find help for sending just the right card for their Jewish family, friends and colleagues.

Half of my membership is Non-Jewish. They either come from a blended family where there are Jewish members, have Jewish friends, clients, business associates and/or acquaintances and want to show they care and respect those occasions and events that are important to their Jewish recipients.

These members find Say It With eCards a valuable resource in time, money and knowledge. Not being Jewish (and even those who are Jewish) they do not always know when a Jewish Holiday begins or ends. They appreciate the fact that they have me as their guide. This not only saves them time and money, but much frustration. The end result is that they can send their cards quickly and their recipients are delighted that they are being remembered and respected.

For me… It is all about creating “an environment to make people feel good” — whether they are sending my Judaic eCards designs or receiving them. It is all about the feelings and emotions my Judaic eCards designs generate.

I provide artsy and unique card images that will not be seen coming and going.

All Say It With eCards Judaic eCards designs are my own original creations, images and designs. My moto is: If I can think it, I can design it!

Your Say It With eCards Greetings recipients “will not see” their eCards coming and going and will know that you went the extra mile to do something really special for them.

I provide cards for everyone’s needs whether for fun, business or just general sending — All in one place.

All Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings are designed to be sent to anyone, whether for fun, business, or personal.

I design and offer Judaic Themed eCards for “Universal and/or  National Holidays or Occasions.”Examples include:

  • Judaic Anniversary eCards
  • Judaic Birthday eCards
  • Judaic Bosses Day eCards
  • Judaic Condolence eCards / Judaic Sympathy eCards
  • Judaic Friendship eCards
  • Judaic Get Well
    • Judaic Get Well eCards
    • Hebrew Get Well eCards
  • Judaic Graduation eCards
  • Judaic Grandparents Day eCards
  • Judaic Love eCards
  • Love in February (aka Valentine’s Day Judaic Style)
  • Judaic Mother’s Day eCards
  • Judaic Father’s Day eCards
  • Judaic Memorial Day eCards
  • Judaic July 4th eCards
  • Judaic Thank You Notes
  • Judaic Thanksgiving eCards
  • Judaic 911 Tributes and Acknowledgements Including: NYPD, FDNY, NYPA, FDNY/EMS
  • Judaic Support cards for our troops
  • Judaic Condolence cards for our fallen troops
  • Welcome home cards for our troops
  • Anything else my overactive imagination can come up with

My ultimate goal is, and has always been, to provide as much variety as I can, in order to save the member’s valuable time, energy and most of all… MONEY! IF… they can find what they need here they will not have to go elsewhere!

As a courtesy… in some cases I will provide a few generic cards so that the members may be able to send them to their non-Jewish friends if the holiday, event or occasion is appropriate. For example… Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, etc.

I will continue to include as many card varieties as I can, as long as they can be either portrayed within a Judaic theme or will not be offensive to the membership. My concerns are always with the membership and how I can better provide for them!

Still Have Questions? Contact Roz.


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