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Shavuot eCards or Shavuos eCards – Find Them All at Say It With eCards

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Subhead:  Shavuot / Shavuos eCards from Say It With eCards

Shavuot aka Shavuos is another one of those Jewish holidays with multiple spellings.  What’s a person to do when searching for just the right Shavuot eCards or Shavuos eCards!  Which is right, which is wrong!

Shavuot is not only known as the Feast of Weeks, it is that special time which celebrates and honors G-d’s Gift of the Torah to the Jewish People at Mount Sinai.  The Torah is the Guide which governs how all Jewish People live their lives the world over.

Say It With eCards is offering a special collection of Shavuot eCards designed in multiple varieties – Traditional/ English and Hebrew and Hebrew/English.

Shavuot eCards / Shavuos eCards (see all)

Shavuot eCards – Traditional/English eCards

Hebrew Shavuot eCards – Hebrew and Hebrew/English eCards

eCards are getting a bad rap these days, but IF you are sending from a reputable website there is nothing to worry about.  That said…

Think of your eCards as missiles of love, caring, communication and remembrance.  Think of your eCards as communications which will show caring and remembrance to your recipient.  To me… It is “all about” the feelings the eCards generate, for both the sender and especially for the recipients.

Consider this… YOUR eCard may be the ONLY eCard your recipient receives!  How’s that for making an impact and brightening someone’s day!  We all need to feel remembered and cared for!

Happy Sending!


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