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Hanukkah eCards – Have You Sent Yours Yet?

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This Blog Entry was written with great heartache and shock. Please read it in its entirety and you will see what I mean.This is NOT the norm for me as a tragedy happened in my life and those I love!  Perhaps it can be a lesson for all of us as we are promised nothing in this life!

Hanukkah 5768/2007 starts in less than 24 hours from now. Are you ready? Have you sent out your your Hanukkah greeting cards yet? Did you get to touch base with all those who mean so much to you?IF you answered NO… It is NOT TOO LATE!Surf on over to:

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings Club / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com

Say It With eCards is the largest Judaic eCards Club on the web … now offering more than 3,700 Judaic Themed eCards.

Below are the Hanukkah eCards links to the Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings collection of  more than 150 Hanukkah eCards in SIX (6) Categories:

Hanukkah eCards – Eight Days / Two sets … Send one for each day!

Hanukkah eCards – General (Traditional Hanukkah eCards)

Hanukkah eCards – General / Love (Hannukkah Love eCards)

Hanukkah eCards – Hebrew (Hebrew Hanukkah eCards)

Hanukkah eCards – Patriotic (Patriotic Hanukkah eCards)

Hanukkah eCards – Patriotic Love (Patriotic Hanukkah Love eCards)

Hanukkah eCards – Pink Ribbon (Cancer Awareness Hanukkah eCards)


PLEASE…  DO NOT forget to reach out to those who mean so much to you. DO NOT wait for next year or say it is too late. None of us are promised a tomorrow. None of us are promised a next minute.Just yesterday, my friend’s son of 43 years died unexpectedly. A young man cut down in the prime of his life. There will be no more tomorrows for him.  There will be no more tomorrows for him and those he loved and/or who loved him to share! 

PLEASE… DO NOT waste a moment. DO NOT say it is too late, I will do it next year! Regrets ARE a bitter pill to swallow!

Posted With Warm Regards,

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