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Roz Fruchtman Shares – I Have a Dream!

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It’s almost embarrassing to admit – When I was growing up I NEVER had dreams of a future. In those days… “If you did not get married and have kids” you were a failure.” Women were meant to be barefoot and pregnant!

I came from a family that considered me the black sheep of the family because I did not fit into the traditional mold. Traditional mode = what mom’s friend’s children were doing!

The good thing – “My past shaped who I am today and my dreams for the future!” As long as we have life, there is hope and time to make a difference.

Knowing discouragement, lack of self confidence, never feeling good enough, smart enough, etc. has made me an expert and advocate for making people feel cared for, loved, important, remembered, like they matter, that they have worth, that it is never too late, hopeful, etc.. Not a bad legacy, I would say!

On the Internet we are all equal. We all have a chance to fulfill our hopes and dreams. It really is not too late!

Send an eCard to someone you care about to “say hello,” “I was thinking of you,” “what have you been doing,” “I care!”

We are not promised anything in this life other than dying and paying taxes. The saying used to be: “None of us are promised a tomorrow!” The truth is: “None of us are promised a next breath!”

Don’t wait until it is too late to say I care!


My dream is to provide a way for people to communicate using my art and eCards as their vehicle of communication. The time is right… In these uncertain times people are reaching out to others, to their loved ones, friends, families, business associates. They are spending more time together! They are keeping in closer touch with each other.

Don’t wait until it is too late!

Warm regards to you and yours,

Roz Fruchtman, The Greeting Card Maven
Say It With eCards / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com
Email: Roz@SayItWithEcards.com

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Love & Hugs to You!

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