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Veterans Day eCards – What to Say to Veterans on Veterans Day

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Subhead:  What to Say to Veterans on Veterans Day – A simple “Thank You” would be a good place to start.

Perhaps it is embarrassment or fear of the unknown, but many do not know what to say to our Veterans or even our wartime Troops on Veterans Day or Memorial Day – any day for that matter.  It could not be more simple:  “Thank You!” 

Our Troops – old and new do what they do because of the love for their country.  They want their loved ones to be safe and not live in fear.  They would rather go off to war in defense of the land they love and the people they hold most dear.

Let’s not forget – the loved ones, family members, friends and business associates left here at home to wait, worry and wonder if their loved ones and friends are safe and if they will ever see them again, and if they do, what shape they will be in mentally and physically.  When a solider goes off to war, the entire family goes with him — in spirit.  No, I am not being dramatic…  we are living through “the real deal!”  We are a country at war! (Two major wars to be exact! — Just typing these words bring tears to my eyes!)

The Electronic Age Brings Us Closer – Fortunately in this electronic age we now have ways to communicate “in-the-moment!”  What does “in-the-moment” mean?  When you think of it, you CAN take immediate action!  eCards ARE immediate!  You think, you send, they receive!  It can’t be more simple than that!


It’s not too late…  surf on over to Say It With eCards and send some of our FREE Veterans Day eCards. 

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Please let me know what you think of the cards.  Do you have any suggestions, comments, corrective criticisms?  I would be delighted to hear from you.  I can’t fix what I am not aware of!

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