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FREE Clock Change Reminder eCards – Spring Ahead Reminder eCards

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Depending on where you are, it will not be long until we PUSH our CLOCKS AHEAD and enter Daylight Savings Time 2010,  or

perhaps by the time you read this it will ALREADY be Daylight Savings Time.  In that case:

Have YOU “sprung ahead” pushing “ALL” your clocks “AHEAD”  one hour?

If you are like most of us, there is ALWAYS a clock or two (or three)  that had not been changed yet! 

  • Bedroom clocks
  • kitchen clocks
  • Microwave clocks
  • Watches
    • Wrist Watches
    • Pocket Watches
  • Stove clocks
  • Livingroom clocks
  • VCR clocks
  • TV clocks
  • CD/DVD players clocks
  • Phone Clocks
    • landline, cell, etc.
  • Pedometer Clocks, etc.

I always remember the time – all those years ago – when “I ALMOST” arrived at work  — “one hour earlier” than I thought it was – quite by accident!”  As I was driving to work, I was shocked when I heard the radio announcer share the time. Lo and behold I FORGOT to change the clocks!

To help you help your friends, relatives, loved ones, business associates, social networking friends, etc., I created a small selection of FREE Clock Change Reminder eCards in both Judaic and NON-Judaic Themes.  Something for everyone.  Surf on over to:

http://www.SayItWithEcards.com (right column)

I hope you will enjoy the extra hour of daylight as much as I will.  I call it “my gift from God!” This year I’m calling it “Exit from Winter’s House Arrest!”

I would love to hear what the clock changing means to you — Please COMMENT below in the Comment area.


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Love & Hugs,

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Daylight Savings Time eCards – Did “You” Remember to Change Your Clocks?

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Daylight Savings Time is here again… Spring Ahead… We PUSH the clocks AHEAD 1 hour and get one EXTRA hour of daylight!

For me, that is a good thing, it was brought to my attention the other day, that morning people may not feel the same way — At least in the morning when they have to go to work in the dark!

In case, you are like me, and did not get to change ALL your clocks yet, here is a gentle reminder.

And yes… I am far from perfect…  Last year I forgot to change the clock on my Pedometer. Now, with Daylight Savings Time here again, I’m current! Yes, I am!

And yes…. Today, I have one more clock left to change… My livingroom VCR. With Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” tonight… for sure that clock will be changed lickety split!

Have you changed ALL your clocks yet? DO IT NOW… if not!  IF you are like me, life WILL happen and you’ll forget!

At Daylight Savings Time — We Spring Ahead. We PUSH our clocks AHEAD 1 HOUR.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Normally I am not a morning person, aside from walking, I like to go out later in the day and sometimes twice in one day, in the early evening.  With the longer days, I can easily do that and still come back when it is light.  I like to walk when I can to get exercise and it is not safe to be walking around in some places in the dark.


I invite you to COMMENT BELOW and share your feelings about the time change.

I will admit, when I am on a walking regime I DO like to go out early in the morning because I do not meet as many people and do not have to stop and chat. My Pedometer counts “aerobic steps!” It starts counting “aerobic steps” when you walk “steady” for 10 minutes. IF you should stop for more than 60 seconds, the aerobic counting stops and you have to start all over again — walking another 10 minutes steady before it will continue to count again.

I am ashamed to admit… I used to be annoyed when I had to stop and then realized… It is an honor and privilege to be able to stop and speak to people. Who knows, we are not promised anything in this life, maybe this time might be the last time I will ever get to talk to this person. How would I feel IF I was selfish enough to NOT stop and talk to someone because of counting stupid aerobic steps! So I go early when less people are out! Besides it makes me feel better when I walk early, because it gets the metabolism going and I get to start the day off on a positive and successful note.

Say It With eCards offers Judaic Themed Daylight Savings Time Clock Change Reminders.


As an aside: On holidays that are not Judaic, I do design in both Judaic and NON-Judaic Themes so that Say It With eCards members may send eCards to their NON-Jewish recipients without having to go to another service to do it.

I look forward to your comments – good, bad or indifferent.  Won’t you comment below?

Roz Fruchtman
Owner/Designer / mailto:Roz@SayItWithEcards.com
Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com
NOW OFFERING… More than 4,000 Judaic Themed eCards
Twitter: http://www.SayItWithEcards.com/twitter
Facebook: http://www.SayItWithEcards.com/facebook

Enjoy your day and the extra hour of daylight!

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Shabbos, Clock Change Reminders, Purim eCards – Say It With eCards Newsletter

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Below is the Say It With eCards Newsletter – Saturdy, March 7, 2009

WIN/WIN — You are encouraged to share this newsletter in its entirety with all those you feel might have an interest.  You can also post it on your web site or Blog, if you have one and want to share.  Thank You.  Roz

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dear Say It With eCards Club Members:

Shabbat Shalom to You and Yours!

The weather here is New York City is superb!  It’s not exactly sunny, but warm.  I slept in today as I walked almost 3 miles yesterday and I guess it caught up with me. 🙂 

My goal is “to put MYSELF back on MY OWN… “To-Do-List!”  WE ALL need to do that!  Maybe I will create some cards as reminders to send to friends, family, loved ones, business associates and EVEN OURSELVES!  We just need to be reminded sometimes “to take care of us!”  IF we do not fill ourselves up with love and caring we have nothing to give others! 🙁

“WE ARE our biggest Cheerleaders!” ~ Roz Fruchtman
“We SHOULD BE our biggest cheerleaders!” ~ Roz Fruchtman


This is a busy few days for all of us.


Today, is Shabbos.  It’s still not too late to send a Shabbat
Shalom eCard out to those you care about.


SUNDAY, MARCH 8, 2009 at 2AM – CHANGE CLOCKS (Sandard Savings Time)

We “Spring Ahead” this Sunday and turn ALL our clock ahead 1 HOUR at 2AM

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!  I truly do love this time of year.  I get to go out later in the afternoon or evening and come back when it is still light out!


NOTE: As always, for events that are not specific to the Jewish Community the eCards are designed in both Judaic and NON-Judaic themes — for your NON-Jewish recipients.

IMPORTANT REMINDER / ALERT: Don’t forget to change the clocks on your VCR’s, Computers – some may need to be done manually; Microwaves, Pedometers, Phones, Cameras, etc.

PURIM, MARCH 9, 2009

Purim begins at SUNDOWN, on Monday March 9, 2009.

Below are the direct links to the Purim eCards.  I had planned on adding Hebrew Purim eCards, but have had some computer issues.  However, the Purim eCards do reflect the traditional Purim Symbols – The Megillah, Hamantashen, Groggers, Crowns, Masks and last but not least Patriotic Purim eCards to help keep our Troops close in our thoughts and hearts.


That’s it for now. 

REMEMBER – “Relationships are our #1 Support System” ~ Roz Fruchtman.


I feel blessed and honored to be able to provide such a “low cost” method of communication.

IF you sent out 100 paper cards it would cost you well over $300 dollars.  Even in the dollar store it would cost you over $100 dollar, NOT including stamps and all the schlepping.

You can send out “unlimited” eCards from you Say It With eCards club membership.


I am always interested in your comments, suggestions and corrective criticisms or anything else you have to say.  I cannot fix what I am not aware of!

I have had the privilege and honor of meeting some of you personally via phone. It is a true pleasure and a blessing in my book! 🙂


If you are using any of the Social Networking systems, you can connect with me:

Follow me on Twitter:

Be my Friend on Facebook:


Questions, Comments, Suggestions…  send email to:

Please put SIWE_ at the front of the subject title

EXAMPLE:   SIWE_subject goes here

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the honor of serving you.  In these troubled times it is truly a blessing to be able to provide a VERY low cost solution to keep in touch on holidays and everyday. 

Since this is Saturday and the NEW Week will start after Shabbos, I will wish you a Gut Shabbos & Shavua Tov! (A good week!)

Don’t forget, I am here if you need me.  I will do my best to help in any way I can.


Roz / Bronx NY (718) 671-1891
Roz Fruchtman  ( @SayItWithEcards – Twitter ID )
Owner/Designer / mailto:Roz@SayItWithEcards.com
Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com
NOW OFFERING… More than 4,000 Judaic Themed eCards


All comments, suggestions, compliments and EVEN corrective criticisms are welcome and encouraged.

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Daylight Savings Time Change eCards

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Judaic Themed Daylight Savings Time eCards Categories

In order to make things easier for you to remind others to change their clocks – even on Monday – as there will surely be a clock that was missed… I divided the Daylight Savings Time Change eCards into categories. 

Please follow the links below to check out Say It With eCards selection of Clock Change eCards:

Judaic Daylight Savings Time eCards
(Judaic Themed Clock Change eCards)

Daylight Savings Time eCards
(Non-Judaic Clock Change eCards)

DO NOT FORGET… TO REMEMBER… To Change Your Clocks — MOVE / PUSH FORWARD one hour!

Don’t worry about losing an hour’s sleep… Enjoy the extra hour of daylight!

Warm Regards,

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Judaic eCard Reminders to Change Clocks – What a Great Way to Stay in Touch

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Subhead:  Daylight Savings Time Begins on Sunday March 9, 2008 at 2AM.  What a great opportunity to stay in touch while sharing an important message and reminder!

Always wanting to stay current and on top of things — in order to provide members and visitors the greatest eCard sending opportunities — Say It With eCards is offering a variety of Judaic Clock Changing Reminder eCards.

Take this opportunity to touch base with friends, loved ones, family members and business associates while reminding them to change their clocks, cell phones, VCR’s, microwaves, watches, etc..  Trust me — it NEVER fails — there is ALWAYS that one clock that falls by the wayside and gets forgotten!  Your recipients will simply love you for reminding them!

I remember a time — many years ago — when I actually wound up in work “an hour early!”  If you knew me, you would know how unusual that was!

Check out the Say It With eCards collection of Judaic Themed Clock Changing Reminder eCards using the links below.  The eCards were designed in two flavors:  Judaic and Non-Judaic.

Sunday, March 9, 2008 – 2AM
Judaic Daylight Savings Time eCards Reminders / 
Spring Ahead eCards — MOVE clocks FORWARD one hour

On a more personal note:  This is my most favorite time of the year.  To me, receiving an extra hour of daylight is like a “Gift from God!”  It’s free, and it is all ours for the taking!  As a digital artist, its a tremendous opportunity to get out there between the hours of sundown and night fall to just snap away!


Warm Regards,

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