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Hanukkah eCards – Send Gratitude and Appreciation eCards

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Times are hard, people are watching their pennies.  The economy has most down.  If you do not believe me, go for a walk in your nearest mall.

In my neighborhood, the decorations are up, but one feels  sadness wherever they walk.  Even in the stores, the clerks look sad! I believe this is because people do not know how to act – none of us has ever lived through times like this.

And yes… there are those who are not affected in an immediate way, but even they are looking for bargains and holding on a bit tighter to their money.

Many are giving smaller priced items as gifts and many are making their own.  People are digging deep and going back to basics.  For this reason I decided to do my part to help and created a selection of:

 “Gratitude and Appreciation Hanukkah eCards!”

You may ask… “Who ever heard of Gratitude and Appreciation Hanukkah eCards.”  Who ever heard of many of the things that are going on these days! Kindness goes a long way!  Consideration for others goes a long way!  I take offense to those who gloss over the economy.  Very few of us know what is really going on in another “financial” life! 

My goal is to do what I can to help!  I am in a unique position running my own eCards website and being a designer.  I had an idea, I put it into action.  I saw a need and found a way to implement it!  (To be honest… it made me feel good to do something instead of complain!)

COMMENTS:  I would love to hear from you!  I invite you to comment below!

Happy Hanukkah to You and Yours,

Posted by Roz Fruchtman, The Greeting Card Maven
Say It With eCards / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com

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