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Daylight Savings Time eCards – Did “You” Remember to Change Your Clocks?

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Daylight Savings Time is here again… Spring Ahead… We PUSH the clocks AHEAD 1 hour and get one EXTRA hour of daylight!

For me, that is a good thing, it was brought to my attention the other day, that morning people may not feel the same way — At least in the morning when they have to go to work in the dark!

In case, you are like me, and did not get to change ALL your clocks yet, here is a gentle reminder.

And yes… I am far from perfect…  Last year I forgot to change the clock on my Pedometer. Now, with Daylight Savings Time here again, I’m current! Yes, I am!

And yes…. Today, I have one more clock left to change… My livingroom VCR. With Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” tonight… for sure that clock will be changed lickety split!

Have you changed ALL your clocks yet? DO IT NOW… if not!  IF you are like me, life WILL happen and you’ll forget!

At Daylight Savings Time — We Spring Ahead. We PUSH our clocks AHEAD 1 HOUR.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Normally I am not a morning person, aside from walking, I like to go out later in the day and sometimes twice in one day, in the early evening.  With the longer days, I can easily do that and still come back when it is light.  I like to walk when I can to get exercise and it is not safe to be walking around in some places in the dark.


I invite you to COMMENT BELOW and share your feelings about the time change.

I will admit, when I am on a walking regime I DO like to go out early in the morning because I do not meet as many people and do not have to stop and chat. My Pedometer counts “aerobic steps!” It starts counting “aerobic steps” when you walk “steady” for 10 minutes. IF you should stop for more than 60 seconds, the aerobic counting stops and you have to start all over again — walking another 10 minutes steady before it will continue to count again.

I am ashamed to admit… I used to be annoyed when I had to stop and then realized… It is an honor and privilege to be able to stop and speak to people. Who knows, we are not promised anything in this life, maybe this time might be the last time I will ever get to talk to this person. How would I feel IF I was selfish enough to NOT stop and talk to someone because of counting stupid aerobic steps! So I go early when less people are out! Besides it makes me feel better when I walk early, because it gets the metabolism going and I get to start the day off on a positive and successful note.

Say It With eCards offers Judaic Themed Daylight Savings Time Clock Change Reminders.


As an aside: On holidays that are not Judaic, I do design in both Judaic and NON-Judaic Themes so that Say It With eCards members may send eCards to their NON-Jewish recipients without having to go to another service to do it.

I look forward to your comments – good, bad or indifferent.  Won’t you comment below?

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Enjoy your day and the extra hour of daylight!

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