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The Gift of Hanukkah – Eight Days to Connect, ReConnect and Cement Relationships

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Besides our health and the health of those we care about, there is nothing more valuable than our friendships /  relationships!

Money can be made, lost and re-made, however… unconditional friendships/relationships are a priceless gift that some are NEVER blessed to know.  IF you have been blessed with unconditional friendships and relationships you MUST:  Treasure them, Nurture them, Protect them ~ NOTHING IS FOREVER!

As well… If you want to build friendships / relationships you MUST do the work ~ be thoughtful, kind, helpful, considerate and aware… YOUR kind word can be the light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel!

But you say:  I’m busy…
Hold on… I’m coming to that…

I’ve learned in life, even the most well adjusted people have their own insecurities and need to feel needed, wanted, valued, thought of and most of all…  thanked and appreciated.  It takes so little, but we get caught up in our everyday lives and forget.  It is not that we forget our friends and relationships, it is just that life happens.  But as life happens for us, it is happening for our friends and relationships as well.  We DO NOT live on this planet alone!


eCards offer a quick, easy and affordable way to connect and not be an inconvenience for anyone as they can be sent and received 24/7, 365 days a year… come rain or come shine.


The Eight Days of Hanukkah offer a FABulous opportunity to connect, re-connect and build and cement relationships.  EVERYONE “shares the human need to feel remembered, thought of and valued.

Roz Fruchtman is a New York City Digital Artist.  She is the founder and designer of Say It With eCards at
and provides a unique, tasteful and artsy “in-the-moment” way for the Jewish Community and those having a need for Judaic Themed eCards to communicate.

Say It With eCards offers more than 200 Hanukkah eCards in Ten Categories.  View them here:

Chag Hanukkah Sameach — Happy Hanukkah to You and Yours and Those You Care For!


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