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FREE National Day of Prayer eCards for 2010

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Today, Thursday May 6, 2010 is National Day of Prayer.  National Day of Prayer occurs each year on the first Thursday of May. 


There have been rumors that President Obama cancelled National Day of Prayer because he did not want to offend anyone.  After my own research, I see this is a vicious and stupid rumor.  In fact, below is:

President Obama’s 2010 National Day of Prayer Proclamation


At this time our nation is in trouble.  Our troops are still away at war, many (too many) making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many Americans are still suffering from the economic downturn.  People have lost their jobs, their homes, are seeking/getting assistance to feed their families, businesses are closing as well as organizations who help the needy are shutting their doors because of low or no-funding.  Calling it is mess is a HUGE understatement.

As an American, I believe we NEED to/MUST unite to pray — in whatever fashion we feel comfortable with, as we are a nation of many faiths and beliefs.  Therefore…

While Say It With eCards is a fee-based Judaic eCards website, I felt it was only right to offer a small collection of tastefully designed National Day of Prayer eCards complimentary (FREE)  — in both Judaic and NON-Judaic Themes.

To see the FULL  collection click the link below:

FREE National Day of Prayer eCards

NOTE:  On Thursday May 6, 2010 the National Day of Prayer eCards will also be displayed on the site’s homepage at: http://www.SayItWithEcards.com

Once again:  These eCards are designed in both Judaic and NON-Judaic versions, thus everyone is included!

As an aside ~ Members have a larger selection of eCards to choose from. 

It is my privilege and honor to be able to contribute to the 2010 National Day of Prayer.

In humility and gratitude,

Roz Fruchtman
Say It With eCards

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God Bless Us All… and… God Bless America!

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