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FREE Pink Ribbon eCards – SAVE LIVES by Sending FREE Breast Cancer Awareness Reminder eCards

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LIFE ~ There is nothing more precious to any of us than LIFE itself! Our life, the life of those we hold precious to us, our loved ones, family, friends, business associates, even those we just know in passing.  Without life there is nothing.  With life the possibilities are endless…

Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to live a long, productive and useful life ~ a life of happiness, joy and accomplishment! However, life happens and sometimes we get too busy and our own health or the health of those we care about gets overlooked.

Why… Pink Ribbon eCards

NOTE: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Pink Ribbon is the symbol of this event!

Human needs we all share are to… “do something meaningful with our lives, do good and make a difference, contribute and help others.”  My art and my eCards service enables me to do just this in a more flamboyant way ~  Thus my Pink Ribbon eCards.

Send FREE Pink Ribbon eCards, Save Lives 

Say It With eCards offers a collection of more than 100  Pink Ribbon eCards ranging from Judaic, non-Judaic, Anniversary and Survivor acknowledgements.

NOTE: Sprinkled within are a small collection of “FREE Pink Ribbon eCards!”

BELOW are direct links to…
Say It With eCards / Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Campaign eCards

What Can “You” Do?

I urge you to “PLEASE” take a few moments…
Send Pink Ribbon eCards…
Save Lives! Save Lives! Save Lives!

Please post your comments below.  I would love to hear from you!


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