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Judaic Easter eCards For Blended Families and Extended Families

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Judaic Themed eCards for Blended Families and Mixed Marriages and Family Units

My name is Roz Fruchtman, I am the owner/designer of Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings, aka Say It With eCards

When I was growing up — we will not say how many years ago that was, but by my next comment you can probably make an educated guess — “mixed marriages and relationships,” as they were called back then were NOT easily accepted.  They were looked upon as an oddity and people gawked and stared with fingers pointing whenever such a couple of family was present. (It shames me to just write this, even though I was NOT one of the gawkers!)

THANK GOD and Through Education… In today’s times people are considered for who they are and not for what they look like or for what their ethnicity or race is.  The term has also been updated to the Politically Correct:  “Blended Marriages or Blended Families!”  Blended is so much more endearing and brings a picture of people/things coming together as one unit.  As an artist… the word blended makes me think of “melting” colors or objects together to make something rich and special.  People are special!  ALL people are special!  We just have to see them for who they are and not what they look like!

It is with ALL the above sentiments in mind that I created a small collection of Judaic Themed Easter eCards.  The Easter eCard designs come in two flavors.  One group is simple Judaic themed Easter eCards with a Star of David.  The other group clearly celebrates Easter and Passover together with a Star of David.  Check out the Say It With eCards Judaic Easter selection of eCards at the links below:

Judaic Easter eCards

Judaic Easter and Passover eCards

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