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Shabbat Shalom eCards – Shabbos eCards Create THAT Once-a-Week Connection…

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Shabbat Shalom:

If you are like me… You are busy, there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done.  Ideas of getting or staying in touch with those you care about fall between the cracks.  Opportunities are sometimes lost forever!

Have you ever said to yourself: “Gee… I should call Barbara, or I should give Janet and Jim a ring.  But time slips away and calls never get made.  In the worst case scenario things happen and that opportunity is gone forever.  It’s happened to me more than once and I am here to tell you — it’s NOT a good feeling!

Why Shabbos?

Shabbos comes around each Friday at sundown as sure as daylight comes in the morning each day.What better time to connect or re-connect and use eCards as your vehicle of communication.

Why eCards?

Below are just a few important reasons why eCards are the way to go:

  • eCards are quick and affordable
  • eCards can be sent 24/7, 365 days a year
  • eCards can be scheduled in advance
  • eCards arrive WHEN YOU want them to, NOT when the Post Office finally delivers them
  • eCards can be tracked / some sites have “eCard History”
  • etc. 

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings offers a complete selection of both Shabbat Shalom and Gut Shabbos eCards.

Check them out here:


I would VERY MUCH like to hear your comments on this.Wishing You and Yours a joyful, peaceful, restful and safe Shabbos.


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Free Shabbat Shalom eCards – Stay Connected, Send Free Gut Shabbos eGreetings

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In these uncertain times, relationships are more important than ever, whether with friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances or business associates.  Remember, friends were acquaintances first!

Send FREE Shabbat Shalom or Gut Shabbos eCards to say hello and wish those you care about – “A peaceful, joyous and restful Sabbath!”


Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings at
to send your Jewish Sabbath eCards.

Be Different:  Make someone feel special today!  You “will” stand out because most of your competition, friends and associates will “not” think to do this!  Who knows… maybe your Shabbos eCard will inspire them to begin sending their own!  Wouldn’t that be a joyful tradition to start!

Posted by Roz Fruchtman, The Greeting Card Maven
Say It With eCards / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com

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Gut Shabbos,

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