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Judaic Grandparents Day eCards: Jewish Grandparents Day eCards for Bubbe and Zayde, OR For Bubbe Alone, OR For Zayde Alone

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Reposted from Grandparents Day 2008
~ I could not even out do myself by editing!

Today, Sunday September 12, 2010 is Grandparents Day.

As mentioned above:  The blog post below was initially written on Grandparents Day 2008, therefore, one or two things applies to that  year specifically!

Whether you are blessed to have two Grandparents or blessed to have just one… DO NOT let this day pass without acknowledging those special people known to you as either Bubbe and Zayde or Grandmother and Grandfather.  (Whether you see them regularly or not, JUST KNOW… hearing from you TODAY would bring the greatest joy! Especially if they are not even aware that today is Grandparents Day!)

I have never had children of my own, but as a friend I observe what my friend goes through not seeing or hearing from her beloved Grandchildren. 

It is harder now for her as her son passed away suddenly almost a year ago — at 43.  For a brief moment (a few weeks) my friend was reunited with her Beloved Grandchildren as they mourned together.  But after the initial period of mourning was over, things went back to the way they were — silence from the Grandchildren.  They are not bad Grandchildren, life happens and they are just busy with their own lives.  As we all know much too clearly — sometimes painfully… life takes its peculiar twists and turns and people are not here forever.


My passion and mission in life has become to “provide an easy way for YOU to communicate with those you love, care for,  just meet or know forever!  Say It With eCards is “your personal” 24/7 greeting card service — use it anytime, from anywhere!

I was not lucky enough to know my Grandparents, so perhaps through my eCards I can get to know yours! (not personally, but my eCards can bring them joy)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always taking into account life’s twists and turns…  I designed in a variety of categories:  For both Grandparents;  For just Bubbe or Grandmother;  For just Zayde or Grandfather.  Each of these categories has been broken down further – Judaic and Non-Judaic eCards.  This is done as a courtesy to the Say It With eCards membership so they may have Grandparents Day eCards for their Non-Jewish recipients.

CLICK the links below to visit Say It With eCards collection of Grandparents Day eCards.

Wishing You & Your Grandparents, Friends and Family Warm Regards,


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  Please type them in the Comments Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

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As we are still celebrating the Jewish New Year 5771 ~ May You and Yours Be Written and Sealed For a Good Sweet Year ~G’Mar Chasima Tova!


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