Judaic eCards For "Busy" People

Jewish Christmas eCards and/or Interfaith Judaic Christmas eCards for Blended Families

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As an Jewish/American eCards designer and founder/designer of Say It With eCards~ a Judaic eCards website offering more than 4,500 Judaic Themed eCards …

Through the years I have been asked to design for those of blended families – celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas.  I struggled with this ONLY because I did not want to offend.  On a personal note… I welcomed the challenge and opportunity to show my tasteful creativity in this area.

On the other hand, many of my Jewish members have:

  • NON-Jewish recipients and/or
  • Jewish recipients who are not highly religious and/or
  • Jewish recipients who celebrate both holidays and/or
  • Like to send as much good cheer as possible throughout the year.

No matter how you slice it… “they wanted Christmas eCards.”  SOOOOOOOOOO…  A few years ago I designed what I hoped was an artsy, tasteful and fun collection.  I call these eCards my “Interfaith Collection” for Blended Families — and/or anyone who wants to send them!

No matter what… there is something for everyone at Say It With eCards. I am honored and proud to say: My collection of Interfaith eCards has been graciously accepted and many have been sent throughout the years.

ALL Season’s Greetings / Interfaith eCards can be seen here:

Black & White Collection (designs in black and white)

General / Traditional (designed in seasonal red and green)

Patriotic / In Support of the Troops (red, white & blue)


This can be such a “controversial” subject… I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  Please comment below in the Comment Area.

Roz Fruchtman is a New York City Digital Artist.  She is the founder and designer of Say It With eCards at
and provides a unique, tasteful and artsy “in-the-moment” way for the Jewish Community and those having a need for Judaic Themed eCards to communicate.

Say It With eCards offers more than 4,500 Judaic Themed eCards in a HUGE Variety of Categories.  View them here:

Season’s Greetings / Happy Holidays — and ALL THINGS GOOD — to You and Yours and Those You Care For — “AND EVERYONE” from one end of the world to the other!


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