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FREE Clock Change Reminder eCards – Spring Ahead Reminder eCards

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Depending on where you are, it will not be long until we PUSH our CLOCKS AHEAD and enter Daylight Savings Time 2010,  or

perhaps by the time you read this it will ALREADY be Daylight Savings Time.  In that case:

Have YOU “sprung ahead” pushing “ALL” your clocks “AHEAD”  one hour?

If you are like most of us, there is ALWAYS a clock or two (or three)  that had not been changed yet! 

  • Bedroom clocks
  • kitchen clocks
  • Microwave clocks
  • Watches
    • Wrist Watches
    • Pocket Watches
  • Stove clocks
  • Livingroom clocks
  • VCR clocks
  • TV clocks
  • CD/DVD players clocks
  • Phone Clocks
    • landline, cell, etc.
  • Pedometer Clocks, etc.

I always remember the time – all those years ago – when “I ALMOST” arrived at work  — “one hour earlier” than I thought it was – quite by accident!”  As I was driving to work, I was shocked when I heard the radio announcer share the time. Lo and behold I FORGOT to change the clocks!

To help you help your friends, relatives, loved ones, business associates, social networking friends, etc., I created a small selection of FREE Clock Change Reminder eCards in both Judaic and NON-Judaic Themes.  Something for everyone.  Surf on over to:

http://www.SayItWithEcards.com (right column)

I hope you will enjoy the extra hour of daylight as much as I will.  I call it “my gift from God!” This year I’m calling it “Exit from Winter’s House Arrest!”

I would love to hear what the clock changing means to you — Please COMMENT below in the Comment area.


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Love & Hugs,

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