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Passover eCards – How to Select the Right, Proper or Appropriate Pesach eCards

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Another popular question I get around Passover time is:  “How do I select the right, proper or appropriate Pesach eCards?” (Pesach is Passover in Hebrew)

To make this answer as simple and uncomplicated as possible, here is what I do.

I choose the eCard design appropriate to my recipient.  In other words…  if the person understands Hebrew I send a Hebrew Passover eCard.  If my recipient does not understand Hebrew I use either a Happy Passover, Happy Pesach or Chag Pesach Sameach eCard.  (Pesach is the Hebrew word for Passover and each of these three Passover greetings means Happy Passover!)

What If I am NOT Jewish?

If you are not Jewish and wish to send a Passover eCard, make it simple and choose an eCard saying Happy Passover or Happy Pesach.  Your recipient will be thrilled and impressed you took the time to remember and acknowledge THEIR special holiday.  In the end… It is the action and thought that really matters!  This is a good way to keep your name in front of your clients and prospective clients ~ as being thoughtful, kind and considerate. Many forget about this! <wink>

Thank You for sharing your precious time with me. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or corrective criticisms I would be delighted to hear them.  Enter them in the Comments Section below.

NOW… I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Say It With eCards at http://www.SayItWithEcards.com and view our selection of more than 100 Pesach eCards. 

Happy Passover in advance,


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