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February eCards – Preview Say It With eCards February 2008

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February is what I lovingly call:  “The Month of the Heart!”

Once again I design in the theory:  “Jewish People are People Too!”  They celebrate and/or acknowledge most of the same holidays and events that Non-Jews do.  Thus my designs are Judaic in theme.

Everything February is “heart related,” whether emotionally or physically.

Wear Red Day — February 1, 2008 (but not too late to send a card to the special women you care and know)Wear Red Day is dedicated to bringing awareness to Heart Disease as the “Number One” killer of women.

CLICK THIS LINK to see Say It With eCards selection of Judaic Wear Red eCards / Non-Judaic Wear Red eCards

American Heart Month — The month to remind everyone to live “heart smart” and  take care of themselves and remind their loved ones and friends to do the same — before it is too late.

CLICK THIS LINK for Say It With eCards selection of Judaic Heart Month eCards / Non-Judaic Heart Month eCards

International Friendship Month — What a great way to recognize those special people in our lives who have been their to support us through thick and thin.  Trust me… this is a priceless gift that does not cost a dime, and one that should be recognized not only during February, but everyday, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

PERSONAL OBSERVATION: The word friend is thrown around loosely in many case, but your real friends are those who are there when things are not so rosey and the chips are down!  It should be known as International Loyalty Month!)

CLICK THIS LINK  for Say It With eCards selection of Judiac International Friendship eCards / Judaic Friendship eCards / Non-Judaic Friendship eCards

Valentines Day – Known as the “Day for Lovers.”  (I take offense to this one and am going to demonstrate its other values in a later post!)

CLICK THIS LINK for Say It With eCards selection of Judaic Valentines Day eCards / Judaic Love in February eCards

More later.

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